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Antithetical Time - Serena Morina

EU-MAN Gallery has the pleasure to host the Italian Artist Serena Morina for her Solo exhibition: Antithetical Time. We are honoured to have the First Secretary, Deputy Head of Mission of the Italian Embassy of Finland, Adriano Stendardo to officially inaugurate the exhibition.


Antithetical Time - Serena Morina


Opening / Avajaiset 3.5.2024 18:30 - 20:30


"Antithetical Time is a contradictory reminder of us living now but who can only refer to the past or to the future which do not exist."


Serena Morina has always been fascinated by the esoteric world and through her art is playing with the notion of time in a dreamlike way.

The exhibition shows Serena's full collection: The first series "Through foreign eyes", marks the beginning of her style as hyperrealism. Telling of her travel, Serena combines the past and the present. Following is the series "Fade", in which you can recognise a change of style and a very powerful sense of mysticism where she represents moments of life in a blurry perspective. As her latest series we find "Metamorphosis", a sequence of paintings that speaks about the soul through the grief which ultimately finds peace and self-consciousness; here Serena is again going back to hyperrealism with a hint of transcendence in a fairly disturbing composition. The artworks are all connected to the time in different ways: Time as evolution. Time as frantic people against the present moment. Time as inescapable prison of thoughts.


Serena works with oil colours on extra-fine texture cotton canvas from Italy. The artworks frame are self built.The latest paintings are framed with ropes, a self taught method which does not have only an aesthetic purpose, but it has got a canvas tension mechanism to be considered integral part of the painting.


"What do you see?"

At the exhibition there is an interactive painting that gives free imagination to the visitors. During the exhibition people are invited to write, on a small notebook, what they see in the painting, opening the doors to creativity and fun!


Part of the exhibition includes artist's self printed tote bags and clothing with her original design.


Open Studios


Open studios


Taidekorttelin Avoimet Ovet järjestetään la-su 12.-13.9. klo 11-17!
Roihupellon taiteilijoita voi tavata työhuoneillaan osoitteissa
• Levytie 2-4
• Pulttitie 4, 10, 16 ja 17
• Laippatie 21

Molempina päivinä on myös mahdollisuus osallistua Karoliina Arolan opastamalle kierrokselle ja tutustua alueen taiteilijoihin. Kierros alkaa klo 12 Pulttitie 10 edestä. Kierroksella vieraillaan myös taidekorttelilaisten ”Kurkistus kulissien taakse” -näyttelyssä 💎

Turvallisuus on meille tärkeää ja seuraamme terveysviranomaisten ohjeistuksia. Teemme parhaamme, että tapahtuma on kaikille turvallinen.
✅ Noudatamme turvavälejä ja suosittelemme maskin käyttämistä. ✅ Olemme varanneet kävijöiden käyttöön käsien desinfiointiainetta.
✅ Oppaalla on visiiri ja äänentoistolaite. ✅ Tule Taidekortteliin vain terveenä. Jos tunnet olosi kipeäksi, jää kotiin.

Nähdään Roihupellossa!

Glimpse Behind the Scenes

12-20.9. 2020

How have the artists and artisans experienced the exceptional times in the world, and what have they come up with it? In the exhibition the artists share their thoughts, inner worlds and points of views. How have they interpreted the theme Glimpse Behind the Scenes? In the exhibition it is possible to see a wide range of art, with different media, from eight artists of Roihupelto´s Taidekortteli. There are paintings and light art on the show.

RAW Relational Art Week 2020

10th to 16th of August
every day a different program 16:00 – 20:00


Myymälä2 is proud to present RAW – Relational Art Week.
RAW started in 2019 and it is a part of the yearly activity produced and curated by Myymälä2.

This year’s concept revolves around the challenge of sparing energy in an urban context. During one week our day to day operations and our program will be carried out without the use of electricity. Entering the space the public will meet a surreal atmosphere, oscillating between ancient scenery or perhaps an anticipation of future situations. For the time they are present at the gallery the public will be gently involved in this experiment.
What is the degree of compromise or radicalization one is able to accept?
The program does not pretend to solve the emergency related to waste of energy and its negative impact on the environment, nor does it pretend to set an example for others. It is an attempt to delve into the contradictions of the human condition in an interesting and sometimes hilarious or absurd frame.


Invited artists and schedule:

10.8 Koelse
11.8 Jan Lütjohann // Vishnu Vardhani Rajan.
12.8 Ingrid André and Gabriele Goria // SEA Foundation.
13.8 Tomasz Szrama // Irina Mutt.
14.8 Katri Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva.
15.8 Ramina Habibollah.
16.8 Steve Maher // Harrie Liveart.

In absence of phones, electronic cameras and other recording devices generating images through electricity, Myymälä2 has invited selected artists to document the program daily through drawing and painting: Pedro Aibéo, Panos Balomenos, and Shubhangi Singh. Edwina Goldstone and Serena Morina present their works on the Process Wall.

Free entrance with limited places.

The program of Myymälä2 is supported by City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Department, and by Arts Promotion Center Finland.
The project of Harrie Liveart is supported by Kone Foundation.
SEA Foundation’s is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation and Mondriaan Fonds.
The work of Koelse, Vishnu Vardhani Rajan, Ingrid André, and Steve Maher is supported by Pixelache Helsinki.



Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 9.28.10.png

Christmas Exhibition of Levy-yhteisö


Opening on 5.12.2019 at 17-20

Open Wed-Fri 16-19, Sat-Sun at 11-17
Independence Day Fri 6.12. open 11-17

We warmly welcome you to the gallery of our new artist community in East Helsinki! Works from several artists are for sale in The Christmas Exhibition of Levy-yhteisö and it offers an excellent chance to purchase unique Christmas presents for friends or family, straight from the artist.

Roihu Space is a new, artist-run gallery in the industrial area of Roihupelto that is also known as Taidekortteli. Many artist communities have operated in the area for over ten years and Levy-yhteisö, where the gallery space is located, is the newest of them, founded in spring 2019.

The exhibition presents works by twenty artists: Ilari Hautamäki, Marja Heiskanen, Marjo Hyvärinen, Aino Johansson, Jonas Karén, Natalia Kozieł-Kalliomäki, Johanna Laakkonen, Maija Lassila, Iisa Maaranen, Serena Morina, Heidi Naumanen, Viljami Nissi, Melina Paakkonen, Mikko Paakkonen, Päivi Pirhonen, Paul Rimmington, Leena Räsänen, Jyrki Sinisalo, Salla Vapaavuori and Maria Wolfram, and two artist collectives: Annu Timonen & Kerttu Malinen and Harrie Liveart. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, graphic art, photography, textile art, light art and installation. During the opening night some artists also open the doors to their studio spaces and you’re welcome to pop in.

You can reach the gallery by public transport: the distance from Siilitie metro station is 850 meters. You can also take the bus 550 or 92 (nearest bus stop is Roihupelto, 600m from the gallery).
Accessibility: The gallery is situated on the top floor of the building, behind two flights of stairs. Unfortunately the gallery space is not accessible by elevator.

Open Studios