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Serena Morina

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Hi! I am a proud-to-be Italian artist based in Helsinki (at the moment). I have a child, own two cats and I love travelling by train.

I am exploring the oneiric world vivifying esoteric tales from lucid dreams. Based on my experience, wakefulness and dream have got same vibrations, there is no difference on energy level and so on terms of reality. Reality is a choice and it is more likely to not exist except inside your mind. It is a mind dictated game made of overwhelming but also passionate feelings thwarted by hidden restlessness.


All of my paintings are made with oil colors on extra-fine texture cotton canvas from Italy. The artworks frame are self built. Frame with ropes, a new tension mechanism: Wooden slats are attached together and painted black, I then connect the canvas to the frame with waved ropes through metal eyelets. This is a self taught method which does not have only an aesthetic purpose, but it has got a canvas tension mechanism to be considered integral part of the painting. All of my latest paintings have this frame style.

I am the owner of Nulloomnia, artist and design brand since 2023.

I am a member of Taidekortteli Ry since 2019 and a Co-founder of Roihutila, an artist-run gallery established in 2019 in Roihupelto, Helsinki.

I Graduated as a Graphic Designer from Albe Steiner school in Turin, Italy, in 2010.

I have approached oil painting for the first time in 2010 at the Academy of Fine Art in Turin, Italy I have learned and developed my oil technique as a self-taught and have been a freelance artist ever since. I continue experimenting with various media and craft. 

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