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I am a visual artist from Italy with a degree in graphic design, I attended the Fine Art Academy in Turin. My main medium is oil painting. I am based in Helsinki since 2016 where I work in my art studio. In the beginning of my career I have been focusing on portraits, and I won the Maimeri prize in 2013. Later, my style and subjects have evolved into more abstract perspective, leading me to create painting series characterized by surrealistic blurred sceneries through photorealistic technique. I am exploring new ways to express the notion of time and intimacy, vivifying esoteric tales from frantic routines. I want to reach the spectator with inspiring feelings thwarted by hidden restlessness that come out as a significant part of my personality.
Recently I have exhibited in Art Basel in 2017 and in Myymälä2 gallery in 2019 and 2020. I am a member of Taidekortteli Ry since 2019 and co-founder of Roihutila located in Roihupelto, Helsinki, an artist-run space established in 2019.

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