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The story behind "Through foreign eyes" sequence

Turin, May 2013.

I was going somewhere, don't remember where, but I stepped on a bus. There was a little girl whispering to a middle-aged man. They talked long, but still, I couldn't get the language; she moved a lock of hair behind her ear, took a look over me and quickly returned to her talk. She has got such a mystic energy and her talkative eyes were saying way more than could be explained. After a little hesitation I approached the man and asked if I could take pictures of the girl. Both agreed and gave me the card of a café in the center.


I have passed by that place many times and many times haven’t walked in.

Giorgiana was posing very beautifully and naturally, also a little shy.

Everything went just fine and that was the last time we met.

Months later I ventured to an introspective journey to India, where Giorgiana became the window of my feelings: all four canvases were painted in accordance and simultaneously with the events and the emotions of my travel around the world and each of them hold the power of it.

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