The concept behind the "Fade" series 

My art is the reflection of our waisted moments and repressed feelings. My paintings are the mirror of the human’s point of view, when there’s no time for happiness. The dark background represents the existential fear of understanding, let’s keep it under nice shades so it won't hurt that much unless you already hold it. The spectator has the freedom to define his own meaning of the painting, despite of the artist will. Nobody will ever guess, nobody will ever err.

“Just keep walking ‘cause there are details, but you know them. Alright. No need to check. They are all different, all beautiful, colorful, touchable and you may get inspired. You won’t. That’s what my colors want to say; they fade, they mix, can’t see the borders although there are. If you get closer the colors are still blurred, probably you are too close.

You take a break from your walk, enough to light up a cigarette, rushing ‘cause there’s no time.
Surroundings do not say anything that you don’t have already listened. You have forgotten that whenever you walk along the path, that same path has something new to offer.

You need to stop for a while and pay attention only to those passing-by-things of everyday and they will prove that you are still existing.

You are standing in front of my painting seeking for a bond. Here you go, you almost spot a figure, almost spot an object, almost spot a place. You almost guessed. Because those are the things you have in front every single day and the feelings you reject every single night, but you know them. Alright. So please, just keep walking.”