Serena Morina is a visual artist from Italy based in Helsinki since 2016. She is mainly focused on oil painting.

She spend most of her working hours in her Art studio in Helsinki, where she gives space to various activities connected to her artistic work.

She usually starts preparing a rough cotton canvas with her personal mixture, she builds up wooden chassis meant to support her previously painted canvas.

She also experiments with plasticine on glass panels and gives freedom to any possible new ideas through her artistic process. She has started lately to get familiar with watercolors.


In the beginning of her artistic career Serena has been focused on portraits, which eventually brought her to develop “The Traveler” series during her journey around the world in 2013-2014. Later, from 2016 she has evolved her style and subjects into more abstract prospective which led her to create the “Fade” series, characterized by surrealistic blurred sceneries through photorealistic technique. She is exploring new ways to express the notion of time and intimacy, vivifying esoteric tales from frantic routines. Beside the concept, she wants to reach the spectator with inspiring feelings thwarted by hidden restlessness that come out as a significant part of her personality.

She also works on selected commissioned pieces.


Serena has approached oil painting for the first time at the Academy of Fine Art in Turin, Italy in 2010. She has learned and developed her oil technique on her own, and has been ever since a freelance artist. She has also collaborated with galleries from 2011 in Italy and currently in Finland. She is a member of Taidekortteli Ry since 2019. Serena is a Co-founder of “Roihutila”, an artist-run Gallery located in Helsinki, born in 2019.


Serena has been exhibiting “Blurred Emotion” show at RAW, Relational Art Week in 2020 and at RAW group exhibition in 2019 at Myymälä2, Helsinki. She has been exhibiting at the group exhibition of Levy-Yhteisö at “Roihutila”, Helsinki. She had a solo show “So Real” at “Night of the Arts” in Myyrmäki in 2018. She has been exhibiting at ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0, at Basel Art Weeks in 2017. She has awarded the “Prize Maimeri”, exhibiting at Maimeri venue and has been featured in their catalog” in 2012, Milan. She has taken part in a live painting performance at “Castello di Miradolo”, during Caravaggio’s exhibition in Italy.

In 2010 she has entered the competition “Cerimonia del Ventaglio”, exhibiting at “Circolo degli Artisti”, and featured in their catalog, Turin, Italy.

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